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Pawel Ladziak is a 35 year old Polish​ Bodybuilder​ who achieved notoriety for deliberately making himself look older. Pawel is a personal trainer and Instagram​ Fitness model​. He has over 335,000 followers on Instagram. He regularly posts photographs of workout routines and posing for Selfies.

Many men live in fear of turning grey and growing older, but for this 35-year-old fitness fanatic it can't come soon enough. Indeed Pawel Ladziak, from Warsaw, spends a small fortune on making himself look older, dying his well-groomed hair and beard the perfect shade of snowy white.

The personal trainer, who is sometimes mistaken for a pensioner, deliberately ages himself in order to keep up his devoted following on Instagram, believing his unusual look sets him apart from other online stars.His hair is dyed white to give him the appearance of being much older. 

He frequently is thought to be in is 60s. Pawel began Bodybuilding​ when he was 16 years old. He goes by the name "Polish Viking". He has a wife named Magda.​His celebrity lookalike is Gianluca Vacchi​.

Fitness fanatic, 35, spends a fortune making himself look TWICE his age to help win fans on social media - and his glamorous wife is very happy to be seen with an older man.

10 year sof Hard work made him what he is now!!!

Personal trainer Pawelw Ladziak, 35, deliberately makes himself look older 

The fitness fanatic spends money dyeing his hair and beard snowy white. He credits the unusual look with his growing popularity on social media. Instagram followers often ask his age and some even think he is in his 60s.

The below is his latest Instagram pic


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