Do you Know about Salman Khan's Films Which Never Released?

Actor, producer, television host and philanthropist, Salman Khan, who made his acting debut in 1988 with a supporting role in the film ‘Biwi Ho To Aisi’, has delivered a number of blockbuster films in his almost 30 years long career, enhancing the repertoire of Indian cinema. But there have also been many films of the actor in between which started with great zest but could never see the light of the day. Take a look at  those top 10 Salman Khan films which never released due to various reasons.


Salman Khan and his younger brother Arbaaz Khan, who made his acting debut with ‘Darar’ in 1996, were all set to work together in a film called ‘Aye Mere Dost’, but unfortunately the movie was never made and the duo had to wait for a couple of years before finally sharing the screen space for the first time in ‘Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya’, which was directed by their younger brother Sohail Khan. Apart from Salman Khan and Arbaaz Khan, ‘Aye Mere Dost’ also starred two gorgeous actresses Divya Bharti and Karishma Kapoor in prime roles. The film started with a song recording but nothing really happened afterwards. ‘Aye Mere Dost’ was ultimately shelved and the audience missed an opportunity to see Salman Khan, Arbaaz Khan, Divya Bharti and Karishma Kapoor in one film.


‘Dil Hai Tumhara’ was a film which Salman had signed in the year of 1991. Along with him, the movie also starred Sunny Deol and Meenakshi Sheshadri in principal roles. It was to be directed by none other than Rajkumar Santoshi right after the release of his blockbuster film ‘Ghayal’ (1990), which has attained a cult status over the years. The film was said to be made on a lavish budget. The entire industry had its eye fixed on it to see how it progresses. But it seems the film did not have a good destiny as the film was shelved within a few days of its first schedule. The entire cast and crew of the film had come together with a lot of enthusiasm, but they could shot for only one schedule as Rajkumar Santoshi was approached for another big project replacing Shekhar Kapoor as the director of Bobby Deol and Twinkle Khanna’s debut vehicle ‘Barsaat’ (1995). After the exit of Rajkumar Santoshi, ‘Dil Hai Tumhara’ took a back seat and was ultimately shelved. 


After ‘Auzaar’, Sohail went on to direct a number of successful films like ‘Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya’ (1998) and ‘Hello Brother’ (1999), all with his brother Salman Khan. But how many of you know that a shelved film titled ‘Raam’ was first supposed to be the directorial debut of Sohail, not ‘Raam’?

I think not many of us know this, but the truth is that ‘Raam’ was all set to become the first film of Sohail Khan’s career as a film director, but unfortunately the film could never be completed. ‘Raam’ was planned in 1994. Sohail had even roped in his elder brother Salman Khan as the male lead. Elaborate plans were made for the film as the youngest son of the Khan Khandan was turning director.The film went on the floor with much fanfare and nearly half of it was shot before some production issues occurred and the movie was going over budget. Due to creative differences and various other conflicts, the film was first delayed and later shelved. The film also had Anil Kapoor and Pooja Bhatt in the star cast along with Salman Khan.


Salman Khan had become a superstar star with the glorious success of ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’ , his first film as a hero. The widespread success of the Sooraj Barjatya directorial did not only benefit Salman in a big way, but it also changed the fortune of its leading lady, Bhagyasree, who too made her debut with the blockbuster film opposite Salman Khan. After ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’ the duo became household names across the length and breadth of the nation. They were the latest sensation in the industry. Every director, every producer wanted to work with them. Filmmakers were in a hurry to cash in on the crackling chemistry and huge popularity of the duo. Finally, Salman Khan and Bhagyasree were roped in together for their second film as leads. The film was titled ‘Ran Kshetra’. The industry thought that after ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’, another blockbuster was on the cards. But soon everyone’s hopes shattered as the film was shelved within days of being announced. So, what actually happened? Actually, soon after signing the project on dotted lines, Bhagyasree decided to get married with her boyfriend Himalaya Dasani. The makers had no other options but to put the project on the backburner.


‘Buland’ was a project which was called off after half of the film was canned by the director. Yes! And one cannot just imagine how much loss the sudden calling off of the project incurred to the producers who had pumped in a lot of money into it to ensure that the film was made on a grand scale. Roping in Salman Khan, who had cemented his position as a bankable star in the Hindi film industry by them, was a well calculated move by the makers which, unfortunately, did not yield any results for them. Apart from Salman Khan, ‘Buland’ also had his then girlfriend Somi Ali as the female lead. Somi was a well-known model back then as she had been featured in advertisements of a number of popular brands and people known her by face. Where rumors of her close relationship with Salman Khan started floating around, there was a long list of filmmakers who wanted to cast the couple in their films just to cash on the huge hype surrounding their affair. The makers of ‘Buland’ finally got them on board, but they could not succeed in cashing on their rumored affair as the project got shelved for reasons still unknown and the audience missed out an opportunity to see Salman Khan and Somi Ali together on the silver screen.


Before working with Rajkumar Santoshi on the cult comedy film ‘Andaz Apna Apna’ (1995), superstar Salman Khan had been signed up for two films with the talented filmmaker. But call it their bad luck or wrong timing that each time they came together for a film, their luck did not favor them as their films were shelved for one reason or the other. As we just mentioned above that how Rajkumar Santoshi and Salman Khan were first supposed to work together on ‘Dil Hai Tumhara’ which also had Sunny Deol and Meenakshi Sheshadri in the star cast, but the film was shelved as the former picked up another project ‘Barsaat’ (1995). Since the producers could not find the suitable replacement of Rajkumar Santoshi, they decided to dismiss the project. To make up for the lost project ‘Dil Hai Tumhara’, which went on floors in 1991 and was ultimately shelved, Salman was approached for another big ticket film titled ‘Gherao’. 


‘Chori Mera Naam’, as the name suggests itself, was supposed to be a heist crime thriller. It was another big budget film of superstar Salman Khan, which commenced with a lot of noise, but could never see the light of the day. We have talked, in detail, about a number of several other movies of Salman Khan which were shelved for one reason or the other, but, as per reliable sources active in the 90s, ‘Chori Mera Naam’ was supposed to be the biggest film of all. It was to boast of never seen before action sequences, high octane chase sequences and what not! But the film could never be made, reasons are known to no one, except the ones who were at the helm of the affairs. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that ‘Chori Mera Naam’ was sort of a casting coup. What made the film grab a lot of media attention at the time of it being announced was undoubtedly it enviable cast which featured the likes of Sunil Shetty, Shilpa Shetty and Kajol alongside Salman Khan. I mean, who wound not want to see these four brilliant actors in a film together? They would definitely have set the silver screen on fire had the film ever arrived in cinema halls. As we just mentioned that the film created massive buzz in the trade and media but all came to zilch as the big ticket movie was shelved.


Anees Bazmi always wanted to do work with Salman Khan as he considered him as one of his favorite actors. He was elated to have roped in Salman for ‘Aankh Micholi’. But somehow the film could never take off and Anees had to wait for next seven years before fulfilling his desire of working with the superstar. He finally roped in Salman Khan for Boney Kapoor’s ‘No Entry’ in 2005. The film turned out to be one of the biggest hits of the year. Soon after the massive success of the film, the makers announced a sequel to it. However, it has been years now but the sequel is still on the backburner. Initially, there were reports that the film will feature Salman only, but if recent reports are to be believed, the actor is busy for next few years and has no time for ‘No Entry’ sequel which has been titled ‘No Entry Mein Entry’. Now it remains to be seen when the film goes on floors and who plays the main lead in it.


‘Dus’ is, undoubtedly, one of his most popular and much talked about films to get shelved. The movie featured an impressive lineup of actors including Salman Khan, Sanjay Dutt, Raveena Tandon and Shilpa Shetty in principal roles, with veteran actor Vinod Khanna in the supporting cast. ‘Dus’ was about to mark the acting debut of well-known male model Rahul Dev who was roped in to play Mast Gul, a character based a real-life Pakistani militant leader, who used the alias name Mast Gul. Another important factor which made the film special was that actress Raveena Tandon was going to play her first negative character in the film. ‘Dus’ went on the floor in 1997. The entire cast and crew came together and began shooting for the first schedule of the film in Utah in May 1997 and continued until the end of August. According to reports, the scenes which were shot in Utah were to have depicted scenes of Kashmir which was the major setting for the film. Almost 40% of the film had been canned when director Mukul S. Anand suddenly passed away on 7th September 1997 halfway through the film. After his untimely demise, the film was shelved and was never completed or released. However, the song promos which were shot during the first schedule of the film were released and are still available to view. Several years after the film was shelved, Rahul Anand, brother of director Mukul Anand, announced that he would revive the incomplete project but this never happened.


Superstars Salman Khan, Govinda and filmmaker David Dhawan,  the terrific trio had decided to come together for a film titled ‘Raju Raja Ram’. And you know who was going to join the cast as the third lead? It was none other than Jackie Shroff. Just imagine how much fun it would have been had all these amazingly talented people really made that film. Unfortunately, the much awaited project could never take off. Filmmaker David Dhawan , when he got an apt script in the form of ‘Raju Raja Ram’, David Dhawan did not waste any minute in making his mind to rope in Govinda and Salman to play the two leading roles. For the third role, he cast Jackie Shroff. But soon after the film was announced in a big way, the production house, which was supposed to bankroll the multi-starrer project, went into a financial crunch and the project was ultimately called off. After ‘Raju Raja Ram’ was shelved, David Dhawan signed Salman Khan for ‘Judwaa’ (1997), which turned out to be a blockbuster.


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