Don't Underestimate the power of Sunny Leone...Her Biggest Revenge !!!!!!

The sexy bombshell of Bollywood again become Viral By her Biggest revenge....The cutest revenge against the Snake prank she got before 1 day. Just before 15 hours she made a new post and its again got very sensational ....More than 1.3 Million viewers by just 15 hours....and its going to break her 2.5 million viewed snake prank.!!! Checkout the video.

Yesterday "My team played a prank on me on set!!" the snake prank video posted by Sunny leon , we saw see she is sitting and reading a script or something. A crew member brings a fake snake very close to her face , when Sunny saw this she starts screaming and throwing the script on the ground. Then, she runs after the person who played the prank with her. Her quick reaction is spontaneous but extremely entertaining. From the moment it posted, she get too much comments and like. Now its more than 2.5 millions already watched. 

As a return to this snake prank she made a biggest revenge...revenge with 2 you know how she made that??..check the below video. In this video as she posted " sunnyleone My revenge!!! Hahahahahaha @sunnyrajani this is what you get when you mess with me!!". She took two chocolate cakes one in each hands , slowly go behind the person who made prank with the snake .....and smashed them across Sunny Rajani's face. Rajani and Tomas Moucka previously managed to prank Sunny by throwing a rubber snake on her....and she made her sweet revenge....her biggest revenge.

She posted the video in instagram with a titile

sunnyleoneMy revenge!!! Hahahahahaha @sunnyrajani this is what you get when you mess with me!! 

She always been one of the most searched women in internet. All her tweets & Intagram photos are very popular and fan following...and one


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