“If It Wasn’t For Salman Khan, I Wouldn’t Have Been A Part Of Bollywood,” Says Zareen Khan

“If It Wasn’t For Salman Khan, I Wouldn’t Have Been A Part Of Bollywood,” Says Zareen Khan

Abhinav Shukla has been a hugely popular star on TV and Zareen Khan has been bursting the big screens, in her last few films. They are both coming together as the romantic lead for Aksar 2. I caught up with them right before the release of the film to get an insight to the film, their personal lives, movies and a lot more.

Zareen do you think that your career has suddenly taken a 180 degree turn as soon as you decided to let go off the girl-next-door look?

Zareen Khan In A Sensuous Pose From Hate Story 3
Zareen: I don’t think I did get a chance to play the girl-next-door. I played a princess and now this, there was no in-between. I want to play the girl-next-door and I hope to get that opportunity. There was no conscious effort, though, thinking or planning to be a sensuous diva.

Zareen Khan Undrapes Herself For Gautam Rode In Aksar 2

There have been cases where actresses have been typecast, and your biggest typecast is ‘Katrina Kaif look-alike’. How long were you stuck with it?
Zareen: I think it did stay for a long time. Majorly after Hate Story, people now know me as Zareen Khan. I am glad that finally I am known as Zareen Khan which I always wanted to. We are in an industry where you don’t want to be anyone’s clone or living under anybody’s shadow. I am so happy that in spite of not belonging from the film industry, I feel accepted.

How was your equation with Abhinav while doing the bold scenes?
Zareen: I think once you are comfortable with your co-star, it really helps. It wasn’t that as soon as he entered the sets we shot bold scenes. Luckily we did get the time to know each other and like I said he’s not a difficult person. He’s fun to work with.

Abhinav: I was a little apprehensive when I had signed the film because obviously she’s a star in the industry. But when I actually shot with her first couple of days, I was like “Wow! She’s total fun”. She focuses on the scene and once it’s done, there is always something to laugh about. We gelled really well and shoot kaise khatam hua, pata hi nahi chala. We were waking up really early, and shooting throughout the day in the blazing Mauritius sun. That sun is very harsh but the beaches are so soothing and the water is so beautiful and our chemistry developed was brilliant so somehow the shoot was like “Wow!”

Gautam being a very shy person, how was it gelling up with him and what was the scene with him?
Zareen: Yes, he’s a very shy person and I think it’s nice because you don’t find sharmile ladke nowadays.

Zareen Khan Strikes A Pose On The Beaches Of Mauritius
Zareen, you were given a big break by Salman Khan. He’s normally known for taking care of the actresses who debut with him. Are you in touch with Salman Khan?

Zareen: I have always said, Salman will be the person I will always be thankful to. If it wasn’t for him, I don’t think I would ever be a part of this industry. It was never my plan to become an actor. It’s because of him, I am here. Don’t know what he saw in me that he gave me this chance. But at the same time, I also understand that he’s a very busy person. He has a lot of things in his own life to do so I cannot be piggybacking him all the time. Many people dream to be a part of this industry, struggle so much. And unfortunately there dreams don’t come true at times. I am somebody who did not have this dream and now I'm living it. He’s got me here and for the journey ahead, I have to take care of it on my own. He’s not my secretary or manager whom I will call asking for work as I understand he’s a very busy person. Jitna kiya hain uske liye main unki bhaut shurka guzar hoon aur hamesha rahoongi. We of course are very much in touch but not that we message each other on a regular basis. We message each other once a while where he knows about my well-being and I know about his. We are there with each other for our special occasions.

Zareen Khan Performing Pole Dance


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